Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost missed two in a month!

Well, it's almost the end of the month and I've only posted once this month. I figured I better get on it or I would be letting my "regular readers" down! LOL! As I write, the girls and I are preparing to leave for camp. We are excited to say the least! Tyler and Keith are hoping to do some camping themselves. They should have fun too!
It has been a busy month. A month of gifts given beyond measure to some dear friends and blessings removed for reasons we can't understand. The month has been filled with answers to prayers and challenges that bring us to our knees. In spite of it all one thing remains, God is with us! Beyond that, I have no real words of wisdom and I have nothing really to share.
Tyler had Cub Scout camp this week. He went yesterday and had a great time. Today my man cub is not feeling well. His right cheek is twice the size of the left one and his tooth is abscessed. He is in pain and there isn't a thing I can do about it. That doesn't keep him from asking me to help in some way. I feel so helpless.
It reminds me of the time that Tyler had his seizure disorder (although certainly not to the same extent!). He would stop breathing and turn blue and I couldn't do a thing about it. I remember holding him and crying as I reluctently gave him back to God each time by praying, "Please God, You gave him to us, please don't take him yet." Then I would pray that God would comfort me if His answer was to take him now. It was a time of learning that no matter what I do, there was nothing I could do to "fix it". I HAD to rely on God. It's hard to put our trust in someone we can't see. At the same time, what choice do we have?
The funny thing is He earned our trust before we were ever here to know of Him. He knew that our lives would be full of sin and we would have to rely on Him for salvation and He provided. We hadn't even asked yet and He provided the solution. We never even knew how much we would need and He gave it all. How could I not trust that He loves me and cares enough for me to "fix" things for me? Obviously, we serve an AWESOME God!
I hope this post doesn't seem as scattered as I think it sounds. I guess my mind is running circles and I'm trying to grab a piece and hang on! I'm sure I've written enough to confuse you so I'll close for now. I can't wait to go to camp and learn more about Extreme Living in Christ! I need to go finish getting ready... hopefully I'll have more to post when I get back.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I thought I should let you know the answer to your prayers... no surgery. That's the short of it. The "long of it" is this:
Friday I finally went to Urgent Care for my knee. I spent over two hours there. The doctor looked at my knee and pushed it and twisted it a little then ordered x-rays. I was a little puzzled because I figured there was no way that it could be broken and me be able to walk on it for a week. So after waiting for the x-ray for a while, I stuck my head out the door and asked the nurse about it when she went by. She said that x-ray was backed up but that I was next. I told her that I had a pre-op appointment in thirty minutes and I didn't understand the need for the x-ray (then I explained why I was questioning it). She said she would check with the doctor. She came back a while later and she said that the doctor said I didn't need an x-ray and he was just going to finish up my chart. The long story short is that they gave me a knee brace and sent me on my way with a hefty prescription for pain medication. My question was and remains, "Why did he order the x-ray if it wasn't necessary? Then I went to pre-op.
At the hospital I got a blood work-up and answered lots questions. When they asked about past surgeries I had to tell them about my heart procedures. This sent them into a tizzy... they did an EKG (which came back good) and we went back to answering questions. The hospital decided that they wanted a release from my cardiologist to do the surgery. I told them that my doctor had that so they called him. My doctor told them that he decided that he wanted a better release than what he had and he wasn't willing to do the surgery.
I was o.k. with the hospital making the decision because they did what they thought was the safest thing to do. Needless to say, I am NOT happy with the doctor! He could have done something during this past month ( the surgery has been scheduled for over a month now) to get the release he wanted or to feel more comfortable about the procedure but instead he waited until I had cleared my schedule for two weeks, wasted over two hours time in the hospital for pre-op and wasted my time and money getting tests done that are now wasted.
All of this is to say, Thank you for your prayers and support for the surgery that will not happen in BG! Crazy! Now I will need to go to work and reschedule people for the next couple of weeks so I don't continue to put them off or lose money by not working. I guess it will all work out, God has a way of making things work out like that! Now I have a little more free time with my children this week and next! God will provide... Thank you again for your support and prayers.