Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thoughts of the cross

I didn't intend to blog this on our anniversary but its the first day that I've been able to write. I have thought about this for several days and decided that I nee to blog it to get some feedback. Last week (Friday) Tyler was playing baseball. He is in his first year of kid pitch. This is a little (a lot) scary! Up until this point, Tyler has gone in there and swung the bat and hit the ball. Kind of a "no fear" player. Friday night though, the pitcher threw the ball and it hit him square on the back, right between the shoulder blades. He went down and I jumped up! It took everything in me not to climb that fence. I teared up immediately. I wanted to go check on him and be able to comfort him. Keith helped me stay put. He got back up and took his base, but there was a scare. At his next up (to bat) he flinched every time during the pitcher's windup and he got hit in the knee this time. Later, I was thinking about the feelings it evoked in me. I started to wonder how Mary did it. My son was hit by accident and I had a hard time standing there and watching. Jesus was beaten and whipped and spat on and nailed to a cross... where was Mary during the beating? Where was she standing as they drove the nails into his hand? Did she cover her eyes or did she too feel the full impact of His death? What did she think? What did she feel as she watched the people do the awful things to Him? I just have to wonder...

So as I said, today is Keith's and my anniversary. 19 years of bliss for me! I have tried to come up with a romantic idea to surprise him for a few months now. Any ideas out there? Keith has been SO good to me for SO long and I can't come up with anyway that will help him to understand how much he means to me and how very much I love him! I wish he knew! Anyone who wants to make suggestions, please feel free!

I need to go... Courtney has play practice tonight, Tyler needs to get his homework done and his hair cut! I hope you have a great day!