Sunday, March 2, 2008

My periodic post...

We had a good sermon today (not that that is unusual)! One of the things that Bill said that stuck with me was, that we cannot rely on our spouse to be our spiritual anchor, only God can be that for us! It reminded me of many years ago when I was a teenager. There was a young woman in our church who was single and very excited for God! She was a great example to me and I respected her very much. Then one day she went forward to ask for the prayers of the congregation and to pray for forgiveness. She was pregnant. Of corse back when we were teens, that was the big taboo, now who knows what it would be today?!? Anyway, I remember that a lot of the girls were devastated and fell away from church and God. I was probably the closest to her before the incident but my faith remained solid because my faith wasn't in her, although to be honest, it did shake! But my faith was in Christ and I could realize that she was human and would fail me despite her best efforts. Maybe some of that came from my upbringing... you know you get disappointed and/or hurt enough by people, you quit trusting them to that extent. But honestly I think it taught me a very good lesson. I had to face the fact that we humans fail and that is why our standard HAS to Christ. When we put other humans in that place, we are disappointed often, when we put God there, He never fails.
Another thing occurs to me as I consider the place of my spouse in my life... I am SO blest!! Keith is a godly man who seeks to serve and glorify God and as a result treats me like a queen! This is a wonderful place for a woman to be, but it is also a stepping stone for satan. My heart must belong to God. He, and only He, deserves to be on the throne of my heart! The problem with having a spouse like Keith is that satan likes to take even the most pure and godly things and twist them to his purpose! So where does Keith fit into that equation? I have found myself praying for forgiveness and strength many times about who is on the throne of my heart. You see satan wants me to replace God with someone else, so when Keith is so good to me and our family, and when he is so godly, satan slowly helps me slip Keith onto God's throne! I have to pray for forgiveness for putting Keith there and I have to ask for strength to remove him. I know that God is a jealous God and I know that I should only have Him on His throne and I know that it is DANGEROUS to have someone or something else on His throne. You see God's nature is to remove that someone or something else if I am truly turning my life over to Him and asking Him to be in control... So if I leave Keith there, God will remove him some way or another. That is scary!! I have to remember that satan will use even the gifts that God has given to us, even the precious blessings that He gives us, to pervert our relationship with God! It is my job to keep God in His place in my life and heart, and to put His blessings in their place in my life. Sometimes its a hard balance because the master of deceit uses the blessings of the Master of Life to fool me! It's just another area that we have to be on guard from the evil one and keep our Master and King on HIS throne!
Well, that's about all for today's post... maybe I'll get in another one this month - LOL!! For all of you faithful readers (all one of you - LOL), thanks for your patience! Have a great day and may the Creator of life bring examples of His majesty into your day to help you re-experience the wonder of His creation!