Tuesday, January 29, 2008


What is faith? Please don't give me the "textbook" (Bible) answer. Tell me, from your heart, "what is faith?" Do you walk in it? How? How do you know if you are stepping in faith or stupidity? How do you know if your choice is an answer to prayer or a stupid decision you've made along the way?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Courtney is 16 now. Every birthday that passes for our children takes me back to the day of their birth. No matter how old they get I remember it like it was yesterday. I don't think we understand this phenomenon until we have children of our own. For me birthdays seem like a time to remember. I go back through the years and remember the birth of our children and I think of lots of fond memories from the years past! So at the risk of embarrassing my oldest daughter, here are some of those memories. Obviously I could write about her birth... how the first sound she made was the sweetest sigh I ever heard. I recall the day she sat in a corner and "tested" various laughs to pick hers. I remember her cleaver remarks, including the day she got face to face (literally) with a caterpillar and said, "You gonna be a butterfly hon." Her inquisitive personality amazed me and re-opened my eyes to things no longer seen. She is 16 and we continue to marvel at the blessing that she is! I still enjoy the brief time we have together in the car alone when she rushes through the details of her day! Her love for others is encouraging and exciting to witness. She is so excited to learn to drive and now there is little to hold her back. I sometimes wish that she would grow past this stage or that and at other times I wish she was still that little baby that the nurse finally brought for me to hold and care for for the rest of her life. I'm sure this all sounds like sentimental silliness to some, but hey, it's my blog so you can either enjoy my ramblings or quit reading right? Lucky for you I have to close for now so I'm going to add a photos of my 16 year old (must be adopted - LOL!!) and close for now. I hope that you cherish each moment that you have with your children because no matter how many times we hear it, time passes by too fast and they grow up before we know it! I keep telling myself that there will come a time when I will wish that I had these (sometimes trying) moments back again. I pray that God blesses you with many fond memories that will bring smiles to your face during those years that you long to relive them!