Wednesday, April 29, 2009


WOW! I can't believe that my last post was in November! This is one of the reasons I really hesitated to start a blog. I felt like I would feel compelled to post more than I have time for writing! Well, I feel a little bit bad but the good news is that most people(if not all) have probably given up on me and this and all future posts won't matter anyway. LOL!! So much has happened in the past several months...
Tyler turned 9 years old in December. He also became a Christian (Nov 30)! It was QUITE exciting!! Its also very exciting to see him serve communion - he is getting so grown up! I praise God that all three of our children are His by their choice!
Courtney turned 17 in January and in March she got engaged! He fiance is John Cross, a very nice young man that she met at church. John asked Keith and I for permission to ask her to marry him. We talked a lot about concerns and he answered a lot of questions. We think he is a good man and that Courtney and he can be happy together!
Bailey will be 13 next week. She is also growing up fast!
I really don't have much to write about - just thought it was time to write something - just to see if anything comes back - ha, ha!
It's springtime and we are witnessing God's rebirth of the world. Is it possible that He renews despite our nation's financial stress, despite our world's current situation and future? I think so. I think that in His renewal of the earth, we are witnesses of His hope in us and His love for us. Despite whatever may be going on in your life, He offers newness of life through His son. May you clearly see the glory of His love for you as you struggle through the day to day distractions of life! And may you be blest with evidence of His presence in your everyday!


Carla said...

I am still in shock, but can't really say that much since I have been a blog slacker also. LOL!! Love you and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Monkey's Momma said...

Welcome back! I remember in Dec. on our 10th anniversary Matt and I discussing how old Tyler was gonna be. We saw him on the Table Sunday and were so touched. How fast time fly's!

Terri said...

Hey, you're back. Your kids are growing up way too fast, and your grandkids too! :)